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Catfish Report

Catfish on Wilson turned on this week. Caught 21 tuesday afternoon and 41 thursday afternoon. Fish caught on cut skipjack about quarter size. Fish were suspended 20 -30 feet deep in 40-55 feet of water along bluff lines on the south side of the lake. Caught a few bigger fish in 40- 45 feet of water in the mouth of McKernan Creek. These fish were on the bottom.  Smaller fish are starting to move in the sloughs and pockets out of the main lake. Channel catfish are bedding in 3-10 feet of water along bluffs and steep dropping pea gravel banks. For these fish night crawlers, shrimp, or hot dogs are best baits.

Brian Barton
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Crappie Fishing Report
Most guys have already put there crappie gear up for the year, but you are making a big MISTAKE!  June is a great time to catch crappie.  I would say Pickwick Lake is at its best in the summer months.  Look its getting hot so get on the water at daylight and your done by lunch.  Most of the time I put in at Rose Trail boat ramp, it easy and your not to far from where you will be fishing.  One word in the summer that you will see from my reports" crankbaits".  This is my number bait to use for summertime slabs!  Some of my favorite  are Bandits, Bombers and StrikeKing make some of the best on the market.  I use a RG82 rod from B'n'M Pole Company with 8lb Vicious Line.  I pull these cranks at Bear Creek all summer.  Also look to see us on Wilson Lake.  Town Creek gets hot and Shoals Creek.  If I can help with a trip our pass some information please give me a call!

Brad Whitehead (256) 483-0834

Crappie Report

One word, WOW! The crappie fishing has been the best this year than the past few years. Pickwick Lake and Wilson Lakes are on fire. Lets start with Wilson Lake. I have been catching fish trolling jigs on my B'n'M Poles at depths of 20 to 25 ft in the major creeks. Here is the great thing about it with " no minnows". Find the crappie on your graphs and put it in there face. If trolling is not your thing try casting. Two inch grubs in jungbug or black and red have been the best. Pickwick Lake, one word there " numbers" there have been numbers caught this year. Also big crappie catches coming in everyday. The Bear Creek area has been where you will see my WarEagle Boat! Also creeks like Little Bear Creek or even Cain Creek have put out some nice slabs! If I can help you with information about the lake or book a trip just call me at (256) 483-0834

Brad Whitehead
Crappie Fishing at its Best!!

Catfish Report

The catfish bite is starting to pick up on Wilson on Pickwick lakes. Water temperatures have risen quickly this spring and the catfish are moving shallow earlier than usual. On Wilson target channel catfish along bluff walls and chunk rock in 3 to 10 feet of water. Shrimp, nightcrawlers, and cheese baits work best. For blue cats fish ledges and humps in 20 to 40 feet of water concentrating on the contours. Smaller fish are loading up on gravel bars and secondary points inside sloughs. Cut skipjack, shad, and shrimp all work well. Below Wilson Dam some cats are starting to make their way to the dam. Large concentrations of fish have not arrived, but some good fish are being caught. Best locations are directly below the dam in eddy waters off tailrace and bridge pilings downstream of the dam. The mouths of Dry and Little Bear Creeks will be holding fish in about 8 to 10 feet of water. Would you like a trip? Call me 256-412-0969

Brian Barton
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This is one of my favorite months of the year for catching catfish on Wilson Lake. Water temperatures will ease back to the upper 60’s this month and that will fire the cats up. Wilson and Pickwick Lakes have an excellent shad hatch this year and that should lead to great fall fishing. Best bets on Wilson for numbers of fish will be the area just downstream of Wheeler Dam and the base of the dam itself. A slip float rig fished along the base of the spillways and lock area will be hard to beat. I use a B-n-M medium action spinning rod spooled with 12 lb. test Vicious Ultimate fishing line to target these fish. Most of the fish will be in the one to three pound range so heavy tackle is not required. My bait of choice is a lively shad minnow attached through the lips on a 3/0 Daiichi Bleeding Bait circle hook. If you cannot collect shad minnows try store bought minnows or small fresh shrimp. Set your float depth two to three feet above the bottom. Make a long cast and allow your offering to sit still a minute or so, then reel a few turns of the handle and allow it to sit still again. Most strikes occur as soon as your float stops movement. Other good choices are the ledges of Hog Island and the flats in the mouth of Town Creek. Here I use the same tackle but go to a drop shot style rig with a ½ to ¾ ounce split shot 18 inches under my hook. Slowly bump the bottom with this rig while drifting downstream.

For big catfish head down the lake to the Shoals Creek area and to the South toward the Robert Trent Jones clubhouse. These flats range from 50 to 65 feet deep and have numerous humps and other topographic features. Here I switch to Vicious 80 lb. test braided line with a 50 lb. test mono leader. I tie a Carolina rig with a 2 to 3 ounce sinker about 3 to 4 feet above a 7/0 Daiichi circle hook. I attach a golf ball size float about half way between the swivel and hook in order to float my bait up off the bottom. Bait of choice here is a chunk of cut skipjack 3 to 5 inches in length. When fishing this pattern, I’m fishing for 20 pound plus fish so I use much larger baits. Trolling at .3 to .4 mph over contour usually works best, however if the bite is slow an anchor down approach is your best bet.

Pickwick Lake will be good from one end to the other. Cats can be caught in the tailrace below Wilson Dam is big numbers. Here anchoring in eddy currents usually produces best. For drifters, grab some minnows and drift from the Singing River Bridge to the Seven Mile Island area. Your likely to boat some good smallmouth and hybrids as an added bonus in this area with lively minnows. Further downstream, try the river ledges from Kroger Island down to Waterloo. Shad will bunch up in large schools along the river ledges and the cats will be just below waiting on an easy meal. To catch these fish drift or use your trolling motor to move downstream while keeping your bait a few feet of the bottom. Wherever you fish this month carry an extra cooler because the bite should be great. For fishing tips or fishing trip information visit


Pickwick/Wilson Lake Fishing Guide

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