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April is a great month to fill the cooler with catfish. As the water warms to near the 70 degree mark, fish will start moving shallower and become much more active. All catfish will begin feeding more heavily in order to build up body fat and raise energy levels for the upcoming spawn. I start my search in the mouth of coves and long gravel points that extend from the shoreline to the main lake. The more gradual the contour of the point the better for holding numbers of fish. This is the best time of year to pull jigs for catfish. I tie two Mister Twister ½ ounce Striper Jigs about two feet apart and tip with a large crappie shiner or small shad. I use line counters to place the jigs two to three feet of the bottom or at the depth that I’m marking fish. Troll the jigs .3 to .5 mph being careful to follow the same depth contour. The great thing about this method is you’re likely to catch several crappie and a few bass while fishing.

My favorite locations for trolling are Shoals Creek, McKernian Creek, and the Town Creek flats. Both offer numerous points and gravel bars that will be holding fish. For trophy cats, try fishing along the drop-offs on Cox and Peach Island. Hog Island and the creek channel ledges along the Highway 72 bridge will hold some big fish also. For big cats anchor or spot lock directly over the cover you want to fish and use a vertical presentation. Whole shad or large chunks of cut skipjack will be the best baits. If flooding rains occur head to the dam. Anytime the dams are spilling water it draws catfish like a magnet to the base of the dams for feeding.


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