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 This month start your search for catfish in the tailrace of Wilson and Wheeler Dams. Fish will gravitate to the tailrace in great numbers as they prepare for spawning later in the month. Bottom bouncing cut bait, shad guts, or night crawlers will work best. If the dam is not generating power try fishing a slip float in the slack water. Set your float depth about 3 to 4 feet off the bottom and cast along the wall of the dam. Search for larger fish in the middle portions of the lake. Ledges along Hog and Peach islands, Shoal and Four Mile Creeks will be good bets. Here suspend large chunks of cut skipjack 2 to 3 feet off the bottom and slowly troll over the deepest part of the ledge. Late afternoon and early morning will be the best times for hooking up with trophy fish.

Stripers will begin to group in the tailraces of both dams. Use Mister Twister 4 or 5 inch swim baits on a 1 ounce jig head to target these fish. My favorite colors are the natural tones with blue or black back. White with a chartreuse tail works great on cloudy days. Stripers will be aligned in the current seams between turbines directly below the dam. Bounce the jig along the bottom back downstream with the current.

Smallmouth bass will group all along the river ledges, mounds, and rock piles adjacent to the channel at this time. If the dams are generating current, position your boat just upstream of the structure and cast across the current. Fish tend to pull on top or to the front of structure when current is flowing. If water is slack, throw a BoJoLe flutter spoon on a Carloina rig. Work the spoon over the top and off the sides of the structure. As always, live shad are always best when they can be found. For Catfish, Striper, or live bait Smallmouth bass trips contact Captain Brian Barton at, or visit us on Facebook, or


Pickwick/Wilson Lake Fishing Guide

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