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Depending on the amount of rainfall we receive, water temperatures may reach the mid 80’s this month making fishing difficult. When water temps reach the low 80’s the bite becomes almost entirely at night or during the twilight periods. The midday bite will be best on cloudy or rainy days. Start your search for catfish on gravel bars, humps, and ledges where the current flow is the strongest. Many fish will seek out deeper holes in the river channel to escape the heat. Target humps directly below Wheeler Dam and the North side of Hog and Peach islands. There are also some deep ledges from Lime Kiln Hollow to McKeirnan Creek that will hold fish. The bluff ledges along the North side of the lake from Shoals Creek to Wilson Dam will hold fish in 30 to 50 feet of water. Use cut skipjack, live bream, or shad for the bigger fish. For fryers, the usual night crawlers, chicken livers, and shad guts will be best. The tailrace action below the dams will be good for Stripers and Bass if TVA produces enough current to hold bait fish below the dams. When the dams are at maximum generation try drifting live shad on a split shot rig or anchor and bump a Carolina rig across the bottom. Mister Twister Sassy Shad in pearl / black and white / chrt. tail will do best for the bigger Stripers. Try to plan your excursions for early morning and late afternoons and you should find good action across the lake.

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Pickwick/Wilson Lake Fishing Guide

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